Reacted Zinc

sku: 256060CAN

Reacted Zinc provides 50 mg of highly absorbed zinc, ideally formulated using the amino acid chelate form of zinc (zinc bisglycinate) for enhanced absorption, optimal utilization and gastrointestinal comfort.

Available In: Capsules


  • Helps support immune function
  • Helps in energy metabolism and tissue formation
  • Helps maintain healthy bones, hair, nail and skin

    Zinc is an essential trace mineral important to many functions of human health. Zinc is critical to a diverse group of physiological processes, such as immune function. It is second only to iron in worldwide incidence of deficiency, impacting 2 billion people in developing nations. Due to the wide range of functions regulated by zinc, deficiency, or even marginal deficiency, can have health implications.

    Supplementing the right form of zinc is key to maintaining healthy levels within the body and compliance to a supplement regimen. Zinc plays a crucial role in immune function.

    Recommended Dose:

    1 capsule per day. Take with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.



    The importance of bioavailability is obvious. If consuming a zinc supplement has little effect on improving the body’s zinc balance, there is no reason to ingest it. Signs of inferior mineral supplements include the use of cheap, poorly absorbed, rock-salt minerals. Reacted Zinc is formulated with the superior amino acid chelate form, zinc bisglycinate, which does not ionize in the gut and therefore is not impacted by dietary factors and is absorbed at a higher rate than those formulated with zinc salt forms.

    Immune Function

    Mild to moderate zinc deficiency impacts immune function by slowing down the activity of macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, and complement activity. Optimizing zinc levels supports immune function.